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The Benefts of Being a Web developer

Last updated: 6.15pm, Saturday 8th February 2020 by

You might think working with code all day may not be the best job in the world, but one of the best parts of being a web developer is the sheer variety of clients you get - some of whom you can learn a lot from, like our recent client...

Amy, from Mindful Being, asked us to help develop her web site. in doing so we learned about mindfulness - the practice of developing greater presence and awareness leading to transformational change. We can now categorically say we are in a happier place - thanks to Amy who says: "From a place of compassion we are more able to authentically challenge ourselves to assess how we really want our lives to be then creating space to make practical and emotional steps towards this reality, and the exciting journey begins!" You can visit her web site here: Image courtesy of Total Shape