Do I need an SSL certificate?

Digital Dexterity - so I need a site certificate?What is an SSL certificate?

SSL is a system of encrypting the data which travels back and forth between your computer and the web site.

Most web sites do not use SSL and the data that travels between them and your computer  can be intercepted and read - a bit like tapping a phone call - and, for the most part, this is not a problem as this data is readily available to everyone anyway. However when you send your details to the web site in a form, this is when this bevcomes a problem - especially sensitve details such as a credit card number. In these cases, a web site should absolutely use SSL. If it does not you should not use it.

If you're submitting private details online you should be looking for a valid and active padlock in their browser. Additionally you should check for the https:// in the address bar.

A certificate not only allows encrypiton of data between you and the web site, it also verifies the identity of the web site. For example, eBay shoould show a certificate for eBay - otherwsie the site shoudl not be trusted.

If you’re wondering “Do I need a SSL certificate for my website?“, the answer is probably 'yes'. Otherwise you risk visitors leaving it without making a purchase, even without signing up for a free service. Today’s user is very security-conscious and is right to fear submitting payment or personal details over a website that is not secured. 

The purpose of SSL is to keep the trust of your users and online buyers. Better security means more sales and better business in general.

Do I need an SSL Certificate for my web site?

Do I need a SSL certificate for my website? You need a SSL certificate for your website if:

  • You operate an online store.
  • Accept credit card or other payments.
  • Offer online services where subscribers go over a signup process.
  • Your website supports account login.
  • When other private data is transmitted over the Internet.

A SSL Certificate on your website greatly increases the trust in your brand and is a positive sign for visitors and customers. Most of the online users can easily identify that you have SSL encryption on your website by the URL they see in their browser. It should say https:// or show an active padlock at the bottom right corner of the browser.