Writing a Good Blog Post

Writing a good blog post1. Make it relevant

Write content your audience wants to read. Repeat: wants to read. You must write what your audience wants. Just because you think something is interesting doesn’t mean the rest of the world does. When you write content your readers care about, they’ll happily soak up your work.

2. Make it helpful

Good content solves a problem. Think about one of the best-selling books of all time, How to Win Friends and Influence People. This book solves a huge problem for some people: making friends. And it presents the information in a way you can use straight away. It includes conversation scripts and action steps for you to follow, which makes the content immediately helpful to you. Great content is about more than just the information. It’s about getting your readers the results they want.

3. Keep it organised

Even the best copy won’t get read unless it’s organised.  If your writing is disorganised and jumbled, how can you expect a reader to stick around? You can’t. And they won’t.

4. Make it personal

Top bloggers don’t hide their beliefs, personality, and quirks. Instead, they create a personal connection with their audience by being themselves. If your writing lacks a personal touch, people will click away. Open up. Tell a story or two. Include a picture. The more real you are, the more you’ll stand out.

5. Make it engaging

Great writing is like a great conversation. There’s give and take. Remarkable content prompts people to share their thoughts, comments, and feedback. It’s an exchange. You share. They share. And pretty soon, they feel like they know you.

6. Make it detailed

Include all the information your readers need – without overwhelming them. Distil your knowledge into specific action steps your readers can follow.  Making it easy for your readers to implement your ideas is critical.

7. Make it unique

Good writers know how to put a new spin on old ideas. Make your content unique, stand out and resonate with the people who were looking for her fresh approach.