Web Applications

We specialise in making the bespoke tools you need to help you complete your business tasks online, so you and your customers can access them from anywhere.

Our applications can be accessed publically or by secure log in - and the data and functionality available can be tailored to the specific user, for example:

  • Public access to freely available information - e.g. latest news
  • Member access to paid for information
  • User access to update profile and network with other users
  • Staff access to update product lines
  • Management access to manage staff

Online systems can dramatically reduce adminsitration as clients can submit, access and update their own details directly into the system, so less staff inputting client details or answering query calls.


Online web applications can cover many uses, and here are some examples of systems we have developed for clients:

British Library - built their online database to track and quality control their scanning of historic publications. (Contract through Bright Solid/ADS).

Cycling Scotland - training database, allowing candiates to register for courses, tutors to manage classes and issue certificates online.

Enable Scotland - trustee database - staff can access trustee details and manage accounts from anywhere

Energy for Less - customers can apply for energy quotes and contracts as well as manage their accounts online

Glasgow Regeneration Agency Intranet - staff can clock in clock out, manage their holidays, share documents and network with other staff members online from anywhere

Adventure Activity Associates - inspectors can assess activity centres online and staff can manage progress and accrediations using the online system

Linear Projects - can access and search a database of various skilled contactors across the UK visually on a map


We use Industry Standard, robust PHP-MySQL server platform to develop our web applications, which means:

  • Easily transferrable - virtually all hosting companies support it
  • Maintainable - huge pool of programmers who can add to or amend existing system
  • Secure - with regular updates to the platform

We also  use the latest web browser technologies, such as HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery to deliver slick, intuitive interfaces that allow the user to interact with ease, for example with drag-and-drop objects.

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