What makes a good website?


This is the only criterion that depends purely the work of master.  To be effective, a website must be useful! It is not enough to have a very good tool to generate sales.


It is simply the ability possessed by the site to be practical, functional regardless of the capabilities of the Internet, computer equipment, its mode of consultation.

A usable site requires:

  • Resort to assisted design a functional prototype from the pre-sales process in order to build better ergonomics. 
  • Observe integration standards (XHTML, HTML5) ensuring the interoperability even on mobile and smart phone


To be effective, a website is visible that is available at most of online not knowing the a priori. It is therefore necessary to gain good visibility on search engines and social tools. 


The websites must be designed to be more easily indexed by search engines. The HTML generated is then essential, so it is necessary to:

  • Comply with the recommendations of expert SEO and search engines for the creation of the semantic structure of HTML.
  • Observe integration standards (XHTML, HTML5).
  • Implement new semantic markup formats (micro formats: hproduct, vcalendar, vcard).

Spreading on social networks

The social networks have become hearings generators and turnover important. It is now necessary to support the creation of a website of a majority on some communication tools such as Facebook and  Twitter, or identify other tools depending on the target chosen by the building owner.


A website that does not change frequently will not attract visitors and search engines will treat as unimportant.

Having an administration area with an easy to use CMS  enables contributors and site administrators to enrich and update efficiently. 

The quality of the administration of content management tools space can be evaluated on the basis of a single criterion usability for newbies. If the site owner can simply administer the site without any prior training is the sign of a truly usable quality CMS!


This is a major point of the success of a website simply because the websites of management and administrative tools are often known to malfunction both in terms of the user who consults at the level of A director who manages it. 


The potential of seduction, that is the look of a site is an important point in the process of conquest and loyalty of Internet users. The site must be able to distinguish itself from its competitors, provide a modern and innovative image in line with its positioning.  Too often the phases of ergonomic and graphic design merge when creating websites, it usually leads to sites or image has become more important that the functional and often very damaging.

It is essential to distinguish two different phases in the design: the ergonomic design based on prototypes not evolving and not graphic staging phase of these ergonomic models. 

The comparison with the seam takes its relevance here, to create a garment dressmakers spend first by creating a suitable patron and client measures before working on the fabric and final rendering. 


A website must be accessible to all regardless of the physical, mental or any disabilities. 


A website is viewed by many different tools, from computers to smart phone off all sizes. We make all our site responsive, whch measn they will work across devices.