Preparing product data

As the owner of you eCommerce site you will have responsibility for managing the products in your shop, be it adding, updating or removing products.

However, if you provide us with your product data in the form described below, we will be happy to import your initial  product range into the system for you.  To help us do this, please prepare your product data to in the following way:

1. A CSV file (spreadsheet) listing all your products, one per row

2. A single folder containing all your main images for each product

It is imperative that your data is presented in the exact format described below for us to handle it for you. The system is automated and therefore will not process if there are any errors or inconsistencies with the data.  

CSV file

The CSV file is a spreadsheet and can be created in Microsoft Excel and must contain at least the column fields marked with asterisks and we recommend the others. It does not matter which order the columns appear in, but you must have one row per product and no text in any other rows or columns.

The suggested columns are as follows:

1. Product Code - this must be UNIQUE so as to identify the product and prevent duplicates

2. Product name - keep short and concise so will fit into the design template

3. Description - you can add as much multi-line text here as you like but it must be within a single table cell on the spreadsheet

4. The price must be a decimal number only. No other characters allowed, e.g pound sign, letters etc. 

5. Category - make sure that all categories are spelled and written exactly the same throughout the spreadsheet. 

6. You can have as many option columns as you like. As above, make sure these are spelled consistently throughout

7. The EXACT name of the image file pertaining to that product. (sofa.jpg is not the same as Sofa.jpg - and be careful not to add any spaces)


Image files must all be within one folder and be JPEG, GIF or PNG. Other file formats such as PDF, BMP or not suitable.

 An example spreadsheet is shown below:

Product code* Product name* Description Price* Category* option 1 option 2 option 3 Image file
A234 Large Sofa three seater 444.50 Furniture Leather cream Leather Black Leather Brown sofa.jpeg
Z234-23 Mountain Bike 5-speed, rugged tyres 345.00 Bikes Red Blue   MBike.JPG